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Who We Are

ARM Gestão is a consulting firm specialized in solving high complexity problems.

Founded in 2016, three professionals with extensive and recognized market experience decided to join their skills to help companies through their many different continuity, growth and perpetuity challenges.

Through more than 30 years they have successfully led the processes of  assembling, restructuring and recovering different economic areas such as finance, petrochemical, packaging, logistics, shipping, oil and gas, real estate, transportation, sales, services and construction, among others.

Today, ARM Gestão is made of seven partners who work directly with the client, shareholder or top management and develop activities with the company’s own team.


Commitment to the Client

The professionals at ARM Gestão fulfil the commitments made with the client and are available for contact, no matter the time of day, listening to and understanding the client’s problems, answering their questions and keeping them informed.


The actions of the professionals at ARM Gestão are clear and based on previous discussions with the client, who will always be aware and informed of every decision made.

Aversão a custo

All unnecessary costs must either not be made or reduced. All other costs must be analyzed, and if possible, cut. All spending must aim to maintain or increase income and fulfil its institutional obligations.


ARM Gestão professionals work with targets, in accordance with the Action Plans, focusing on deadlines and results agreed  on with the client.